Saturday, May 31, 2014

Joining a Virtual Walk Team

I am part of a team on Sparkpeople that does Virtual Walks it is called

Where are YOU walking to?
This is a virtual walk! Choose your destination and find out how many miles it would take for you to walk there, then hop on the treadmill (or sidewalk) and start tracking the miles you've walked.
 (quoted from the team  description)

So I decided to join in and add it to this blog as well. My chosen walk is The White Horse Trails a 90 mile walk that takes you through the Wiltshire countryside to see the 8 white chalk horses cut into the landscape.

In the team we count the miles we walk in a day and total it up for the week that way we have an idea as to how far we gone. As we are doing it this way it will take a while to complete the walk so I am keeping mine a reasonable length so that they are a more interesting. After completing the Trail I will choose another walk that will also be to a place of interest in England.
I will start this on June 1st 2014 and keep a record of how I am doing.

Week 1 
Sunday 1st - Saturday 7th
Miles walked.

Why I am doing this

I live in Milton Keynes England on a housing estate not that far from the Shopping Centre and a lovely park called Campbell Park.

With a mix of artwork and plants it is a lovely park to walk in.

They allow sheep to graze in the park it is lovely to see them and they are not bothered by people.

I have walked through this park many times in all seasons.

Various events take place in the park from outdoor concerts to fair grounds.

 Sadly it is not really safe to go for walks on my own any longer as we have had a spate of people being attacked for cell phones, money or anything else they can take. If you have nothing on you except house keys they still attack people and take their keys even if they don't have a clue where they live.

Campbell Park and City Centre Crimes

So to stay safe I walk at home and around the shopping centre making sure I am safe at all times.
To make the walks at home a little more interesting I have decided to learn about places I would like to see and go to.
I have problems with mobility as I have Osteo-arthritis in all my joints and have problems with my lower back as well. I have something called Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
Introduction to Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
For me it causes :
Joint pains, back and neck pain, pain that gets worse through the day and better at night, after you have rested, fatigue (extreme tiredness),  stomach acid leaking from the stomach into the gullet causing heartburn, IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome), dizziness,  bloating and nausea (gastroparesis).
As stated in the site I added 
Collagen is found throughout the body – for example, in skin and ligaments (the tough bands that link two bones together at a joint).
If collagen is weaker than it should be, tissues in the body will be fragile. This can make ligaments and joints particularly loose and stretchy. As a result, the joints can extend further than usual. 

The Doctor explained that those of us who have this condition are prone to getting Osteo-arthritis earlier in life than most people as our joints wear quicker. I was diagnosed this year in March 2014, so at the age of 60 years I finally find out what all my problems were. I got this book to find out more about the condition.
Living with Hypermobilty Syndrome

Exercise helps as it tones the muscles and that helps the joints so I am making sure I exercise and being careful not to stress the joints as I do so. Had I known this years ago I could have helped stopped a lot of the problems I have with my joints, however I am now doing all I can to help myself.

So I walk at home, do chair marching on bad days and use strength training, cardio and aerobics to help me get fitter most of which are seated as I have a very bad left hip and knee.
I will not let this stop me I can exercise and do my best and that is what counts. So I may not be able to walk fast or far without pain but I do what I can.