Saturday, August 9, 2014

Walk 2 St Ives to Padstow

As I am back at St Ives it makes sense to start here and work my way up to Padstow

St Ives to Padstow Map

This will take to some interesting and beautiful places.

The first stop is Hayle is beautiful and the first town to awarded the Walkers are Welcome status so a definate place to be for walkers.

Discover Hayle

Hayle Harbour

The walks take you to places you would normally see and many of them are easy access so perfect if you have mobility issues ot small children with you.

From here we head off to Camborne atown that has grown from a hamlet to a large town due to the tin and copper mining industry.Camborne

This is the town centre in Camborne

From here we head off to St Agnes another tin mine town that is now a tourist attraction.

 Our next stop will be the seaside town of Newquay a place teaming with things to do and see with surfing and a nightlife that caters for all ages.

This is Lusty Glaze Beachwith high cliffs and offers good surfing if your into that sort thing.

Newquay is the perfect touring centre to explore the area and don't forget to visit Tintagel where Merlin wove his magic for King Arthur nad the Knights of the Round table.

Now we journey to our final destination of Padstow a busy town that has lots to offer. Wander the streets and you will find little shops that you will find else where just be aware Padstow is rather expensive but well worth a visit.

 Many of the pubs like the London Inn not only have good food and accomdation but a beautiful display of hanging baskets

I will be dividing this  walk  up into sections.
 Section 1

  St Ives to Camborne  a total of 11.8 mileslets round it up to 12 shall we and make it easier to count.

Date August

10th 1 mile = 11 to go
11th 2 miles = 9 to go
12th 1 mile = 8 to go
13th 2 miles = 6 to go
14th 2 miles = 4 to go
15th 1 mile = 3 to go
16th 1 mile = 2 to go
17th 2 miles section 1 complete


Camborne to St Agnes      this section is a total of 9.2 miles this time I will call it 9 miles for ease of keeping track of the miles.

18th 2 miles = 7 to go


Section 3

 St Agnes to Newquay a total of 12 miles through this beautifal countryside.

Section 4 
Newquay to Padstow   this is the last section and a total of 13.2 miles so for ease of counting 13 miles

According to my calculations this is a total of 46 miles

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walk 1 St Ives to Zennor Cornwall

I have always loved Cornwall and have been there a few times on vacation so I have decided that Cornwall would be a nice starting point.

My route is planned with Google maps and I am finding out about the places from the Internet and adding pictures as well if I get permission from the sites to do so.

This is the route  Click onto the link below and it will take you to the map. Along the bottom of the map is a little yellow person and next to that are 3 little squares click onto the squares and you will see pictures of the area.
The walk distance is 15 miles so an easy amount of miles that will mean I can keep track easily and not get bored into the bargain.
I plan on using Leslie Sansone walks and count 15 minutes of planned exercise as 1 mile

I am making it the round trip so that it takes me along the coast line with sea views to take in along the way.

So what is St Ives like?

Cobbled streets and quaint houses line the streets, hotels overlooking the sea and the beaches are really clean.

A visit to the shops is a must and can be found at Tregenna Hill  there are the usual shops along with some unique to the area so always worth a look.

The walks and views in the park are beautiful and they have a lot to offer families so if you wanted to you could stay here and explore but I am moving onto Zennor and Zennor Head.

Zennor was the home of D.H Lawrence during the First World War and is famous for it wonderful views

More about Zennor

Enjoy the spectacular views from Zennor Head  and see Pendour Cove linked to the myth of the mermaid of Zennor,The Mermaid of Zennor 

Clodgy Point

Clodgy Point

So back we go to St Ives to complete the circuit.

Milage for August Leslie Sansone Miles and Exercise Miles
August 2014
1st = 3 miles
2nd = 2 miles
3rd = 2 miles 8 miles to go
4th = 1 mile 7 miles left
5th = 2 miles 5 to go
6th = 1 mile 4 to go
7th = 3 miles 1 to go
8th = 1 mile I am there all done

Making a start

It is easy to say I will do this or that but getting down to doing it is the key.
I belong to Sparkpeople you can find the link in Sites I use and I an adding it here as well Sparkpeople

It is all about Healthy Lifestyle and weight loss, there is a lot of information on the site and you are encouraged to what you can to make changes that will stick with you. There are various Teams that you can join so that you are meeting like minded people and getting support from them along the way. Many of the teams have challenges each month to keep things interesting and I join in as many as I can.
One team I belong to is:

Where are YOU walking to?

This is a virtual walk! Choose your destination and find out how many miles it would take for you to walk there, then hop on the treadmill (or sidewalk) and start tracking the miles you've walked. 
This is a direct quote from the team

So I have decided to create walks that are short and will keep me motivated and also be interesting, places I want to go in reality or have been and would like to see again.

Making a start can be the hard part as it means making an effort and not putting it off, No effort no results.

So I am creating my walks and will hopefully have some followers to keep me going.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Virtual Walks?

I have always enjoyed walking even as a girl I loved going for long walks especially if it was in the countryside or by the sea.
As with all things life steps in and we end up doing other things like raising a family, work, taking care of the home, looking after sick relatives and health issues of your own make things difficult.
I would still go for walks whenever I could but they were far and few between.

Not at the age of 60 I have a few health problems that have been life changing one of them is Osteo Arthritis brought on early by Joint Hypermobility Syndrome something I was born with.
You can learn more about this here: What is Hypermobility Syndrome?
Unfortunately I have several of the problems listed :

Weakness of the abdominal and pelvic wall muscles that presents as hernias (such as hiatus hernia) or prolapse of the pelvic floor causing problems with bowel and bladder function;

 Symptoms that sound like Irritable Bowel Syndrome with bloating, constipation, and cramp-like abdominal pain and Acid reflux.

 Shortness of breath, perhaps diagnosed as asthma because the symptoms seem the same, but not responding to inhalers in the way the doctor might have expected, because it is not true asthma;

 Noticing that local anaesthetics, used for example in dentistry, do not seem to be very effective or require much more than might be expected;

 Severe fatigue;

Sadly those of us who have this condition are often labeled as Lazy, Hypercondriacts or simply ignored as attention seeking even by the medical profession.

Other things are also part of the Syndrome like a problem with the Autonomic Nervous System this regulates breathing, circulation and digestion. For me one of the problems is dizzy spells and a tingling in my legs due to poor circulation and problems sleeping well

Problems with hips, lower back, neck, shoulders, knees, feet you name a joint in the body and trust me it will hurt, even my hands are painful.

So as this is ongoing and is not something that can be cured you learn to live with it and compensate for what you are unable to do.
So Exercise can be a problem I need to 
AVOID high-impact exercises, such as sports that involve running, jumping,
or physical contact.
How I wish I had known that when I was running for my school and doing long jump I had lots of injuries that were put down to me being clumsy.

AVOID most forms of stretching that involve grabbing a joint and pulling or pushing on it to “loosen it up.
 I take care when stretching after exercising not to over stretch.

AVOID heavy lifting, pulling, and pushing. Be particularly careful around the house and in the yard, where odd-shaped weights and unusual angles often lead to injury.
Okay yet another thing that would have been helpful to know as I was pulling around furniture and lifting heavy objects.
AVOID hyper-extending your joints. That is, don’t straighten your arms out fully so that your elbows lock, and don’t straighten your knees to the point that they lock. This applies to carrying groceries or a gallon of water just as much as it does to doing exercises with weights. 
Okay I did loads of this in the Gym over the years.
Information gleaned from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
So what am I supposed to do not exercise NO WAY exercise is good for you it just means finding stuff I can do.  Being careful about the weights I do use and taking care not to overdo things when stretching etc.
 So walking is good I just can't go for long walks at speed anymore due to hip, back, knees and feet. This is where the Virtual walks come in I can walk at home and at a speed that suits me. I can do chair marching and chair exercise as well.
Rather than just walk on the spot or up and down the living room I use Leslie Sansone videos on You Tube.
She does others as well so I have plenty to chose from.